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HairVoyage is the industries first mentorship marketplace for Beauty Professionals. Connect with successful Beauty Pros to streamline your mastery, enhance your income, and find a supportive learning community through our on demand mentorship sessions.

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"My mentorship session gave me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone, to try new techniques and bump up my prices. Great experience!" -Whitney

"HairVoyage is the future of beauty industry education." -Andi Scarbrough-

"If this existed when I graduated beauty school, I would have booked in person sessions for a year in different cities instead of doing towels and sweeping floors in a salon where I wasn't progressing. But, at least I can use it now as I become a lash artist!"


"Heads up to all Beauty Pros! I had a one hour mentorship call with the lovely Dana. It was easily one of the most enlightening sessions I have ever had with a fellow stylist. I'd highly recommend reaching out to her or others on the HairVoyage app if you need help with social media, behind the chair work or business advice."


The Highest Paid Beauty Pros Are Doing Things Differently...

It's no secret the beauty industry is competitive.

But… there are Beauty Professionals out there right now who are:

✅Making more money

✅Fully booked

✅ Masters in their craft

These people pave the way while everyone else watches them on Instagram trying to figure out how they did it.

What do they do differently?

They’re not more talented than you. They aren't lucky.

They modeled success.

These smart Beauty Pros know that they don't have to do it alone.

Instead, they find mentors.

Mentors who are where they want to be, making the money they want to be making.

Mentors who are willing and available to help them.

Mentors who accelerate learning and streamline mastering technical skills.

Mentors speed up income growth and short cut the professional growth process.

That is exactly what HairVoyage is all about: We connect you to industry mentors, so you can…


Customize your education.

Hand pick and the learn specific skills you need to serve your clients and grow your business.

Quality 1:1 support to truly master your craft.


Learn smarter, not harder.

Forget subscriptions.

Only invest in direct education needs when you need them.

Save time and money.


Be surrounded with motivating mentors.

Build meaningful relationships, open new opportunities, and thrive with a supportive beauty community.

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Finding Support Can Be Difficult.

The beauty industry is can be competitive, alienate you, and make you feel alone within your own community.

Instead of hopelessly reaching out for support in Facebook groups and Instagram DMs, HairVoyage allows you to directly book and connect with successful Beauty Pros who are ready and willing to help.

That is what mentorship is all about, it's designed to make things easier. Get started today.

Stop Watching 100's Of Videos Online Trying To Get Better. Do This Instead...

Listen, we get it. We are education lovers too. But your favorite top Beauty Pros didn't become successful by watching YouTube on their phone.

Instead, they consulted with mentors who gave them direct custom support and experiences.

Book a 1:1 session to experience what next level learning feels like.

"A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it. A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do."

Mentorship Is Not Just For The Lucky Ones.

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Don't postpone the life you deserve. Change the trajectory of your beauty career.

You can browse and book mentors to elevate your craft today! Mentor prices vary. Sessions start as low as $49.

"Seriously have so much respect for HairVoyage and what it is doing. This is a movement!"


"Whenever I travel for a HairVoyage session, my clients get excited about what skills I am mastering. They know learning and travel fuel my creativity so they always ask me, "When is your next HairVoyage? They totally support my education!"